3 Ways to Look Bigger Using Clothes

If you are a little on the skinny side, it can be hard to find clothes that don’t make you look, well…skinny. The instant advice in this scenario is normally to bulk up a little by attending the gym and lifting some weights but this process takes time and also some people feel as though they shouldn’t have to go to the gym to look bigger.

Of course, looking ‘strong’ is the ultimate aim for any guy because women look for strength in any potential partner and men admire strength in any other man because it shows that they can stand their ground. This begs a simple question; can you achieve a bulkier look without going to the gym? The answer is of course ‘yes’ and we have some simple tips to prove it.

Layer Up

This is a tip that is often not thought of or even forgotten but the science is simple; the more layers you put on, the bigger you will look because the material will build up.

In Singapore, this isn’t as easy as it sounds because of our weather. You’d have to consider the time of the day and the place you’re going to.

man in jacket

This also doesn’t mean that you should wear a coat under your jumper from now on because this will add lumps as well as breadth so you have to be sensible – try going from thin to thick working outwards.

For example, you could wear an undershirt followed by a t-shirt followed by a shirt. Before, a shirt on its own would just drape off the skin and not really hold any shape but if you have an undershirt and a t-shirt underneath, it will give off a bigger, bulkier look.

fit man

If you are wearing a jacket over a jumper, make sure that the colours don’t clash. Although you will look bigger, you will also be standing out for all the wrong reasons. Keep the colours simple or even the same if you are worried about a clash.

Cardigans are extremely useful in Singapore. They add layer, make you look better and can easily be taken off when it gets too warm.


Many people choose to stay away from smart suit or sports jackets because they think ‘well, if I can’t pull off a simple casual shirt, how am I going to pull off a suit jacket?’. However, this is the completely wrong mentality and if you have said this yourself, you haven’t thought it through properly.


Is it just a coincidence that every man that wears a suit regularly looks good? Absolutely not; suits are designed to make men look good. For example, they have padding on the shoulders that keep shape no matter the wearer’s size meaning that they will instantly look bigger. It is important not to choose a jacket that has large padding though because these are intended for bigger guys and you will look like a rugby player. Pick proper fitting jackets. Not sure where to find an insanely handsome looking jacket? Custom make one with us here at Graziaa!

man in suit

Suit jackets are specifically designed to show off a good shape in the waist both in the side of the jacket and in the lapels. It couldn’t be more obvious yet many are still oblivious, the lapels are shaped in a ‘V’ to accentuate the same shape in your body. Also, the contrast in colour between the jacket and your shirt poking through will attract attention to the chest which is the broadest section of your body. The jacket is perfect for what you are trying to achieve and if you go for a double-breasted jacket the effect will be even stronger.

Choose Proper Fabrics

Fabrics can play an important role in making you look bigger as many can give off an illusion of your body shape; for example, texture fabrics suggest solid mass whereas smoother ones show your body more realistically. For this reason, glen check, denim, flannel, tweed, and corduroy are all brilliant options. As these textures are rough and unclear to look at, your body will look much bigger. They’re also comfortable enough to be worn even in Singapore’s often warm weather.

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