4 Clothing Tips for Tanned Skin

With Singapore being sunny all-year round, it’s not hard for the sportier ones among us to get a tan relatively quickly. Sportsmen are sexy and working out is cool. No one likes a buffed-up bodybuilder that’s as fair as the Hainanese white chicken rice we eat.

Unfortunately, it’s well established that it’s easier to dress up with fairer skin. So how can the sporty bronze gods among us dress to kill?

Of course, bright colours have to be handled with care and balanced correctly otherwise the contrast will be too strong whilst darker colours can seem somewhat washed out. With this in mind, we have four simple tips that will allow you to get the balance right and ensure you look at the top of your game at all times. These four selections will work well as a unit but can also be dispersed to create a number of other options.

Navy Suit

man in a navy suit

Many people leave their suits in the wardrobe for occasions that ‘warrant’ it. Interviews, weddings, and big meetings do require a suit but they don’t have to be your only options so lose this restriction immediately. A suit might be overkill in today’s weather, but the jacket along made from breathable material will work even in Singapore.

The reason we have chosen navy for the colour is because it is extremely versatile and can be adjusted depending on the seriousness of the day; for example, if you have a meeting then a black tie will work perfectly but if you want to go for something more casual then you can lose the tie and undo the top button on your shirt.

navy suit

It is important to note that the navy should be a solid navy as this will allow for more versatility with the clothes you are going to wear with it; ultimately, you want something that will lend itself to both formal and casual occasions.

Gingham Shirt

Gingham Shirt

So if you do need something casual under the navy suit, one of the best options is a gingham shirt. With this option, you can be a little more daring and choose colours and patterns that you wouldn’t normally go for and the navy jacket will balance it perfectly. Gingham shirts are extremely popular and have been for some time but why is this the case? Because they suit everyone and can be worn for a variety of different occasions. Furthermore, the patterns will also hide any lack of ironing and will make you look slimmer.

Gingham Shirt

Another benefit of the gingham shirt is that you can pair it with a range of different trousers; for example, it works just as well with jeans as it does with dress pants and even khakis. Although this style of shirt is generally considered to be casual, it can easily be spruced up with the top button done up and a smart tie.



Without even realising it, a watch can really finish off a look; a slim dress watch is perfect for a job interview as it promotes a level of professionalism whereas a more weighty classic option offers a more casual approach. When it comes to the wrist strap, a metal design is more formal whereas a leather strap is more casual. In terms of the face, a good bright colour can really show the watch off and bring you to attention. If you want to choose a watch that will fit both the formal and informal categories, a brown leather strap is recommended.



Oxford Shoes

black oxford shoes

Oxford shoes are a great option as they provide the ultimate balance between formal and casual; they work at a BBQ just as well as they work at a wedding. If you are worried about the colour, a darker brown can add a little spice to your outfit and is more versatile than a plain black. However, you should never go too far and choose a colour that grabs all the attention. Choose something that will be noticed as a part of your attire rather than being the main feature!

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