8 Signs of a Good Tailor in Singapore

Finding a sewing wizard these days is as difficult as trying to stitch your own clothes when you don’t have the skills. Yet, you will probably stumble across one too many people calling themselves tailors. How do you track down the most worthy of all? There is no straightforward answer to this question because it is not a single trait you should be looking for. Here, explore these 8 signs of a good tailor that we offer. By the time you finish reading, you will be able to tell a skilled one from a bad one at warp speed.

They Take Appointments

When a tailor requires appointments, it shows that they care. It means you will have their undivided attention without being hurried into a decision. However, there is something to bear in mind: oftentimes the best seamstresses and clothiers are booked far in advance, which means they may be unavailable in an emergency. Do ask the person of your choice whether they will still receive you in their workshop if you show up without prior notice. And don’t forget to acquaint yourself with any extra fees that may be incurred as a result of this.

They are Proud of Their Work

A confident Singapore tailor will be happy to show customers examples of their most recent work. Check the finished product to see if everything lines up both on the inside and at the outside. There had better not be any loose threads left behind. All the seams should be even and the ends knotted. If the garment is tidy and looks flawless, as if no alterations have been made, and everything is just symmetrical, then they may be a reasonable choice.

They Have Damage and Guarantee Policies

Damage and Guarantee Policies

A good tailor in Singapore will never ruin your pieces of clothing. But a self-assured tailor will offer a damage management policy because they are so positive they won’t destroy your garments that they are ready to take the risk. This means they have respect for their line of work and clients, and that they really want to do exceptionally, regardless of how much time, effort, or rounds it takes.

They are Nice

Furthermore, it is important that the tailor you select is someone who treats you kindly and feels comfortable to be around. This is a person that will probably get heaps of work done for you in the future, so it is critical they show a real interest in serving you well. If they are irritated and rude, or if you find it hard to understand their language skills, it is best to take your money someplace else.

They Pass Your Test Run

A quick way to find out a tailor is worth a trip to their store is to inspect their work using a less valuable piece of yours. Pick a shirt you wouldn’t mind getting ruined and ask for a simple alteration like resizing. If they do well, bring in another dress, but this time ask for a more complicated task to be performed. If they know their way around the workshop, they will not only complete the job successfully but also suggest additional changes so that the item can fit better.

They Have Their Own Shop


It is not that co-sharing the same facility with another person or business is a bad thing per se, but it makes a tailor look unprofessional. Basically, it tells customers that he or she is not exactly amply skilled, therefore he or she doesn’t get enough work to be able to afford a privately-owned shop.

They Care About Presentation

Take a look around the store. Are the floors covered in dust? Can you see pieces of clothing or rags all over the place? An impressive tailor makes it a point to keep their workshop spick-and-span day in and day out. No exceptions. Aside from being neat and tidy, the place will probably showcase a few of the best items currently in progress, revealing the craftsmanship of the owner.

They Understand Style

Your clothier of choice doesn’t have to be a fashion guru, but it is vitally important that they know what looks nice and what doesn’t. They should be able to point out when a certain alteration is not physically possible or aesthetically appealing for that matter. Imagine you want to let a shirt out but there isn’t enough fabric to make this happen. A true tailor will refuse to get the job done, explaining why it isn’t going to work, rather than accept the task and ruin your garment.

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