How Much Does a Bespoke Wedding Suit Cost?

Today, men tend to be more choosy about their wedding suits than they used to. Usually, it is the bride who steals the thunder, but times have changed and now grooms like to get their due attention as well. As they are becoming more fashion sensible, they are inclined to pay greater attention to their attire for the big day. Which is why a good chunk of males are now turning to tailors for the perfect bespoke wedding suit. A piece like this adds incredible value to the occasion if crafted by someone experienced, but it can also get expensive. Read on to see how much you should pay.

What Determines the Cost of a Bespoke Wedding Suit?

bespoke wedding suits men

The overall price is highly influenced by the following factors:

  • The fabrics used to sew the garment are of exclusive quality and come in small quantities. Your tailor should help you pick a material that suits both the occasion and the season. If you are planning for a summer wedding, they will recommend breezy and light pieces like linen that will keep you cool from start to finish. For winter weddings, it makes sense to stick with heavy, comfy fabrics such as blends of silk and wool.
  • Each piece is hand-stitched and made individually to fit the customer’s unique body shape. There is no existing pattern or one-size-fits-all clothing. Everything is done from scratch.
  • The suit is either half or fully-canvased, every element being constructed precisely and carefully.
  • The product is not mass produced.
  • The tailor makes time for you. From the moment you walk into their store till the moment you leave, they listen attentively to what you are saying and offer advice that can help you come to a decision. They also take your measurements with the care you deserve without rushing the process.
  • The number of pieces your suit is made of. There are various types of formal wears for men and just as many tastes. Some people prefer to have the classic three-piece suit which comprises a vest, jacket, and pants. Others are more drawn to tuxedos and tailcoats. There is also the question of whether you are going to have a daytime wedding or an evening one, as this will, in part, dictate your choice of suit type.
  • The labour involved in the process. Keep in mind that a seasoned tailor has spent years sewing and mastering their skills.

How Much Should I Pay?

There is no limit to how much a bespoke suit can amount to, and the same logic applies to wedding pieces. For the most part, you should aim for the higher end of the price spectrum, as this will be your guarantee you are getting premium quality. If you are working on a tight budget but still want to get a feel for that bespoke service, consult the store about your options.

Let us dissect the different elements:

  • Jacket: $1,000+
  • Trousers: $350+
  • Overcoat: $1,800+
  • Two-piece suit: $2,000+
  • Three-piece suit: $6,000+

Additionally, three-piece wedding suits can run as high as $10,000 depending on the choice of fabric.

Three piece suit

Remember that this is a ballpark figure. There is no way to tell the exact price until you pick your tailor, suit-type, and fabrics. Other things that will come into play include whether you are after a modern or traditional suit. Depending on that, the value will fluctuate. The more traditional you want it to be, the less room for creativity there will be and the higher the cost will go. Of course, it also matters where you are having it sewn. Generally, each tailor charges differently based on reputation, location, materials used, and so on.

When to Say No

To ensure your money is well spent, watch out for the following:

  • The estimate appears to be too good to be true.
  • You are encouraged to do only one or two fittings. (A true bespoke tailor will need you to try on the suit multiple times before it is ready.)
  • The measuring is done over the phone or they let you supply your own measurements. (This is totally unacceptable, as it leaves room for mistakes. It is not merely a personal service.)
  • The cutting and measuring are performed by two different people. (This is not the way to go if you want a suit that fits perfectly.)
  • The garment is manufactured overseas. (The same person who does the measuring and cutting should also stitch the pieces together.)
  • They complete the job incredibly fast. (Just so you know, a bespoke wedding suit may take anywhere from six weeks to four months to be crafted.)
  • There is no basted fitting. This step is often skipped even by the masters, so if your tailor offers it, then they are someone you can trust. The basted fitting shows you a prototype of what the actual suit will be like in terms of shape and feel. This is the first time you get to see the whole piece constructed together. You will also try it on, which will allow the tailor to make additional alterations to fine tune it to suit you. The process involves a detailed examination of your body and there should be no shortcuts to this.

As you can see, making your bespoke wedding suit is not something you can rush into. And it is not just about the money – we take it that you also want to look good when you utter a coveted “I do” to your significant other. For this reason, it is vital to spend time researching the local tailors. The good ones are not as many, really.

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