The attention paid to intricate details is what makes shirts from Graziaa worthy possessions.

Graziaa Shirts Last

Details matter. They are what separate the perfect from the imperfect, and the professional from the amateur.

Fabrics are exclusively chosen from the most serious weavers in the world. Buttons are made using handpicked, top quality shells, cross-stitched onto the shirt with twice the usual number of stitches.

Single-needle tailoring. French seams. 22 stitches per inch using durable spun thread.

There is no other acceptable method of creating a shirt. This process provides exceptional strength and outstanding heat and abrasion resistance. Collar linings are implemented to help maintain the collar’s shape, wash after wash.

100% bespoke

100% Bespoke. No MTM Templates


Hand-stitched in Singapore


Selection of the world's best cloths

Shirts from $160


What Our Clients Say

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You get what you paid for. Precise tailoring which doesn't need much of a alterations after the first fitting. They have a wide range of cloths and options to choose from. Made my ever first Suit there for my wedding. Would really recommend people to tailor their suit for their wedding, it's really a important day and you would want to be in your best. Moreover you can use the suit later for other important occasion.

Gordon Chew

Graziaa understands the importance of quality and fit, how feeling good comes with looking good, and the wearable confidence which a bespoke Graziaa suit brings.

Graziaa is the combination of a fantastic customer experience and skilled tailoring craftsmanship. You can't go wrong with more than one, I would know.

Gabriel Teo

I am very satisfied with my first pair of pants I tried out with Graziaa and they live up to my expectations as a bespoke tailor.
Not only will I recommend Graziaa, I will encourage people to seek your assistance.
Thank for a job well done!

Billy Ho