How to fix a badly stained suit/tuxedo

Not long ago, a customer came to us with an unexpected problem. Mr Chia had tried to rescue his stained tuxedo with FAB powder. Unfortunately, conventional means are not always the answer to conventional problems.

“Recently, I try to remove the white stains from the lapel on my favourite tuxedo (which was tailor made for me in Japan) with FAB powder. And to my horror! Guess what happen? I pay a high price for my silly mistakes.” – Mr SC Chia

The tuxedo’s lapel became irreversibly stained with white dots. He washed it in lime water and even sent it for dry cleaning, all but to no avail. Mr Chia was distressed. He made it clear this beautiful Japanese bespoke tux was very special to him.

Fine tailoring is down to workmanship. We believed that we could replace the lapels without damaging the suit. It was also important to make the new lapels look like part of the original tuxedo so no one can tell the difference.

We quickly got to work. Here are the results:

“I have went through the Reviews in the Forum & few of the customers here show any pictures on the details of the works this fine Bespoke tailor has delivered. Just take a bit of your time to share some of their works with you guys. Noticed the hand stitching on the new Satin.

fix stain tux

graziaa singapore

“Look at the new replacement silk satin & the great hand stitched works on my new lapel.”

graziaa singapore

graziaa tux

“And finally a full view of my “new” tuxedo again which reveals the single breasted 2 buttons options.

The RESULT was a very pleasant & satisfying one! I Just can’t express my joy in words. I pay quite a substantial amount for this skillful Jobs. But the result was really worth the whole cost.

Thanks for the nice work, Jason and Grace!”

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