Is It Smarter to Rent Men’s Wedding Suits?

A suit is the modern knight’s armor (guess where that’s from). And every man will be wearing his best suit on the big day.

But is it better to rent? Or make a bespoke suit?

Here are 3 key differences between buying and renting.


Wedding suits are usually included in the package you sign up for. For example, the standard wedding package in Singapore will probably cost around $4,000. It will include the bride’s gowns, a photoshoot, an actual day video, and more. Some even throw in a free suit! Sounds like a bargain.


Row of bridal shops along Tanjong Pagar road

Bespoke suits (the type that lawyers and CEOs wear) cost around $1,000 at Graziaa Tailor. This sounds expensive, until you realize you can only wear a rental suit for 1 day. By contrast, bespoke suits are the best fitting type of suits in the world and it’s pretty much yours to keep forever.

Unlike wedding dresses, a men’s suit will have uses even after your own wedding (friend’s wedding, dinner and dance, corporate events, business seminars).

Every man needs a good suit. What better time to get one?


The main advantage suit rental has is that it allows you to go all out on style. Because you’d only be wearing it for one day, you can wear something as attention-seeking or outrageous as you like.

kpop suits

What better way to impress your wife than to look like a K’Pop star for a day?

However, when you’re making a bespoke suit, you’d have to pick designs that don’t get you mocked when worn outside your own wedding. Hence, you’d be limited to a much smaller color range and more classic, sharper cuts.


Along with the advantage of variety, rented suits come with the drawback of poor fitting. It’s funny how brides try to look their best, but grooms often look their worst during weddings.

suit not fitting

Are you really okay with an oversized or undersized suit for your wedding photoshoot?

Rental suits come as either adjustable suits, or made-to-measure options. A clever trick wedding planners use is to say “your suit will be stitched to your measurements”. The truth is, even if it’s sewn from scratch, it’d still be based on a suit template rather than your body shape.

good fit

Or you can look sharp. Although you can’t pick anything outrageous anymore.

Rented suits will never fit perfectly because it’s made of only 2 instead of 3 layers. Bespoke suits have a 3rd layer in between called the “canvas”, which provides flexibility and ensures a good drape.

At the end of the day, renting or making depends on your preferences.

For those who are looking for something outrageous to stand out from the crowd, go with renting.

For the ones who want to look charming and get more value for money, make a bespoke suit.

Considering a bespoke wedding suit? Talk to us.

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