A 30 Year Tradition

Jason spent part of his days as a young man learning the art of tailoring directly from master tailors in Europe and honed his skills in the U.K. His methods and techniques follow the strict principles of tailoring dating back to the 12th Century.

After returning to Singapore, his skills helped him to establish a name within the very niche community that wanted nothing but the very best in bespoke tailoring.

Global Acclaim

Jason (2nd from right) beside Paolo Zegna

Word of Jason’s skills spread far enough for him to be personally invited by Paolo Zegna (Chairman of Ermenegildo Zegna) for a dinner and tour of the fabric factory. He remains one of the few active tailors from Southeast Asia who received that invite.

Even till now, long-time customers make trips all the way from Europe for one of his legendary bespoke suits.

All in the Family

Graziaa is now the 2nd generation of Jason’s legacy. We pride ourselves on the techniques learned in Italy and swear by the classic rules of bespoke wear.

Every piece at Graziaa is 100% hand-stitched in Singapore, according to the classic rules of tailoring and custom-made especially for you.

Graziaa does not do made-to-measure suits nor do we follow any templates. Your suit is for you and no one else. We believe in making the finest suits possible for those who appreciate it. Bespoke tailoring is our family tradition, and we’re proud of it.