Style Tips for Men Above 40

Style Tips for Men Above 40

Do clothes make a difference? The way you present yourself matters a lot and this helps people have a good image and adds to personality you have. Here are some ways to look your best, even if you’re above 40. In fact, psychological studies have shown that men above 40 are often seen to be in their prime by members of the fairer sex. 

Natural is nice.

Style Tips for Men Above 40

Go with a more natural look if your hair is gray or thinning. Say no to comb-overs or wigs. To women, a bald man is more attractive than one with wigs. Do note that “bald” doesn’t mean “balding”! 

For those with serious hair thinning problems, “Balding is a condition. Bald is a CHOICE”.

Know your hat rules.

Style Tips for Men Above 40

You are not meant to leave your hat on your head when you are inside a building, eating indoors and when our marikita (national anthem) is being recited. Apart from that, try to never, ever wear a cap. Hats are for gentlemen. Leave the caps for kids and hip hop artists.

Match your accessories.

Style Tips for Men Above 40

Accessories such as shoes and belts ought to match the fabric and color. In addition, be careful to match your belt color to your shoes. They don’t have to be the exact same color and material, but they should be close. Matching your watch strap is optional. Wearing a black leather strapped watch with a full-grain brown belt is perfectly acceptable.

Take careful note of the materials too. In general, shinier materials are more formal, while fabrics are casual. Don’t get caught matching a black fabric belt with a black pair of Allen Edmond Park Avenues.

Upgrade your “Dad Jeans”.

Style Tips for Men Above 40

Jeans are classic and convenient. However, they do not always bring out the best look in a man. Start looking out for casual outfits and dress trousers for more formal occasions or khakis.

Singaporean men love wearing the legendary Jeans + T-shirt + Sports sneakers combo. Or the commonly seen Football Jersey + Berms + Sandals combo. It doesn’t take much to look better than that while still feeling comfortable.

Socks with style

stylish socks

You’re not always going to be in formal business meetings, where you’re required to dress conservatively with matching sock colors. Take your chance to get fancier with socks when you head out for the evening or for friend gatherings. For the less adventurous ones, checkered socks look classic while adding a sense of style to your overall outfit.

Learn button rules.

Learn Button rules

It is not ideal to button the bottom button on your suit, sport jacket, vest, or cardigan sweater. In all other cases, button up! It’s alright to leave the top button loose in less formal settings. But unbutton too much and you look like a rockstar wannabe. Buttoning all the way up to the neck without wearing a tie makes you look like a 20 year old punk that visits Thai discos. At 40, you’d want a more mature, sensible look.

Become an expert in pattern and color.

Style Tips for Men Above 40

Wearing different clothes with different colours and patterns will bring out your body in various ways, projecting how beautiful you look. For example, bold patterns expand anything they wrap. Vertical stripes make you look taller and solids in dark colours have a slimming effect

Fit is KING.

Style Tips for Men Above 40

Last but not least, FIT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT thing in dressing up. If there’s a choice between a poor fitting, well-made piece with good material, and a great fitting but poorly stitched one with bad material, the latter will always look better on you.

As far as clothes are concerned, if the fit is wrong, nothing else matters. Make sure you know your own fit.

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