Summer 2016 – Accessories for Men

Killer, warm weather in Singapore often brings about a time of frustration for men because it is hard to stand out in shorts and t-shirts. But you don’t have to drop all sense of style just because of the weather. Here are a few ways men can still look good, even in this unrelenting heat.

Hat – One way to stand out in the crowd is by equipping yourself with a fashionable hat. Of course, hats do provide function in that they protect your head and eyes from the sun’s rays and guard the face from summer rainstorms. Additionally, hats provide the ever-welcome shade you need to keep your face cool. Hats are easier to pull off if your style follows a more classic, “rich” look that turns heads wherever you go. It’s not easy to pull off and certainly not for everyone.

PS: Wearing a cap makes anyone look a lot less manly. Wearing a hat when you’re younger than 25 also gives off a more “Topman model” kinda vibe rather than that of a suave, sexy gentlemen.

man in a hat

One consideration hats should be the air it provides. Nothing worse than wearing a hat that just makes you even hotter and gives you a sweaty head. We recommend trying a straw trilby or fedora.

man in a hat and sunglasses

man in jeans witha hat and sunglasses

If you find the right style that suits your look, you will feel ten times more confident because it will be the focal point of your outfit; people will be admiring the hat and your confidence in pulling it off.

Watch – We are spending more on watches every single year and for good reason. Watches are both functional and stylish. 

accessoaries for men

The watch you pick really depends on your style, setting and social circles.

In general, G-Shocks and metal bracelet Seikos and Tag Heuers go well with more athletic looks. Leather straps are extremely classy and should only be matched with long pants and covered shoes.

Watches and shoes are also the 2 main items that make a man. Go for products that last the test of time and are well manufactured. If you’re not a watch-snob that’s into mechanical movement and heritage, a quartz Citizen is just as good at telling time as a rare caliber Patek Phillipe.

Sportsmen, athletes: Tag Heuer, Rolex, Seiko, Citizen, Casio

Executives (who like to show a little brand flash): Tag Heuer, Breitling, Rolex

Tow Kays: Heavy Rolexes paired with thick gold bracelets

High-end Watch Brands: Patek Phillipe, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet

Watch-heads, appreciators: Jaeger LeCoultre, Gerard Perregaux, Grand Seiko

The above mentioned are watchmaker brands and should be part and parcel of every men’s wardrobe.

accessoaries for men

accessoaries for men - watch

Portfolio or Notebook – The weather is hot and you have to dress smart for work. The last thing you need is a bag weighing you down, holding the heat in. For this reason, we suggest a lightweight leather portfolio. Nowadays, there are a number of high-quality portfolios that have enough space for everything the modern man needs; pens, business cards, notebook, mobile phone, tablet, office papers, and more.

man in suit and briefcase

Not only is it practical, it also allows you to transition from day to night easier than ever before. A smart suit with a tan leather portfolio will have all the women smiling and all the men shopping for one of their own; especially if they see a sleek watch on the wrist that is carrying it.


suit and briefcase

Of course, the prices of these types of product can vary greatly depending on the size you choose as well as the quality of leather that goes with it. However, no-one can deny that it is a worthwhile, useful, productive purchase that you can use over and over again.

Before picking any leather good, it’d do you well to read up on the different qualities of leathers around.

Pro Tip: “Genuine Leather” doesn’t mean good leather. In fact, it’s often used by brand marketers to sell poor quality leather to you. Crappy leather stitched/glued together is still considered “genuine leather”. Look for products made from “FULL-GRAIN” leather. No cutting, no stitching no gluing. The actual piece of leather should be properly processed, tanned, oiled and used to make the product. Go for calf-leather for the safest, classic look. “Shell cordovan” is a top quality grade of leather and you should grab it if you ever manage to find a nice product made from it. Shell doesn’t get bad creases and is easy to shine.

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